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5 Further Objections to AELTC Plans from WPRA: Trees; Carbon; Birds; Hedgerow; GLA Stage 1 Report

Five further important objections to the AELTC planning application have recently been submitted by the Wimbledon Park Resident's Association (WPRA):

2023-10-18 WPRA Problems with the “GLA Stage 1 Report – Applicant Response”
Download PDF • 426KB
2023-10-19 WPRA Carbon sequestration
Download PDF • 479KB
2023-10-21 WPRA Northern hedgerow Wimbledon Park bio-diversity harm
Download PDF • 448KB
2023-10-23 WPRA Bird species missed
Download PDF • 216KB
2023-10-23 WPRA Planned fate of trees
Download PDF • 226KB

Fiver more objections from WPRA to AELTC Plans: Trees Ignored


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