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Merton Planning Meeting 26 October 2023 re AELTC Planning Application 21/P2900

As you may know by now, the AELTC planning application 21/P2900 will be heard at the Merton Planning Meeting on the 26th October 2023. This will take place in the Council Chamber at the Civic Centre, Morden and the meeting will start at 7.15pm.

The Merton agenda and Officer report in respect of the application was published on 16th October the Merton Council website.

Now is your last opportunity if you wish to register any further comments about this application before a decision is reached by the Planning Applications Committee. These need to be received before 12.00 Noon on the 24th October.

We are planning a peaceful demonstration outside the Civic Centre in Morden starting at 5pm, before the Planning Committee Meeting starts. More information about that will be made available on social media nearer the time.

A briefing document has been prepared to cover the main areas of objections that we have written to the planning committee about over the last nearly two and a half years. It has been prepared on behalf of all the members of the Save Wimbledon Park (SWP) campaign group and we hope it will be helpful.

We would recommend that if you are going to write, you write to the main email addresses as immediately below but in addition we would ask you to also send an email to each of the members of the Planning Applications Committee (PAC). They need to understand the strength of feeling. We have added their email addresses further down this page.

The email can be as brief as you want. For example, it could just say ‘I/we object to this application and consider you should vote to reject it.’

Email with your name and address to Merton: Ref. 21/P2900 Wandsworth: Ref. 2021/3609

Members of the Planning Applications Committee Chairman

We are dismayed that, given the size and importance of this application, probably the largest planning application ever dealt with by Merton, that the PAC Chairman has decided to treat this application as one of several on the same evening; just as if it was a normal monthly planning meeting and no more important than matters like roof conversions and rear extensions. We are also dismayed by the restrictions placed on public participation.

Only a maximum of two residents are allowed to speak in opposition or support of each planning application. (Each speaker is allowed three minutes).

Ward Councillors in Wimbledon Park Ward and Village Ward are able to speak. However, at present it is not clear how many and who.


2023-10-15 SWP Briefing to DPAC
Download PDF • 799KB


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