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Tell the GLA You Object to AELTC's Planning Application

Tell the GLA You Object to AELTC's Plans

There is a quick and easy way to tell the GLA (Greater London Authority) that you object to the AELTC planning application - just submit a comment on the GLA website, which will be recorded as an official objection (see more instructions below).

The GLA is now the planning authority for this application. Even if you have written before to Merton or Wandsworth, this is a new stage, so you need to rell the GLA your views.

More instructions on how to use the GLA website are listed below.

Please also see the latest Save Wimbledon Park leaflet for more information.

1. Go direct to the planning application 21/P2900 using this link:

2. Scroll down and click on "LEAVE A COMMENT". The comments form shown below will be displayed.

3. Tick "object" (the default is support!);

4. Select multiple options from the list of "material considerations" (in this case nearly all could apply except the "housing" ones);

5. Enter your comments (*note 2 - see a list of suggested comments to raise in the leaflet at the end of this post);

6. Click on "SUBMIT COMMENT";

7. When you "submit" the form an email will be sent to you with a link to confirm your email address. Please make sure that you click on the link in the email, or your objection will not be counted.

GLA Planning Website Submit Comments Form:

GLA planning website comments form

The latest Save Wimbledon Park leaflet:

2024-04-10 SWP Flyer_PRINT - hyperlink amended
Download PDF • 3.17MB


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