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Please Tell GLA and The London Mayor That You Object to the AELTC Planning Application

There are two quick and easy ways that you can tell the GLA (Greater London Authority) that you object to the AELTC planning application. You may wish to do both:

1) Submit a comment on the GLA website, which will be recorded as an official objection (see more instructions below);

2) Send a separate email (stating reference "21/P2900" in the subject line) to: Head of Development Management

You may also wish to copy in Jules Pipe (Deputy Mayor of London for Planning, Regeneration and Skills ) and Leonie Cooper (Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth and Chair of the London Assembly's Economy Committee, and Deputy Chair of the Environment Committee). This will let them know how strongly you feel. (See email guidance below. State reference "21/P2900").


On 21st November, Wandsworth Council rejected the planning application submitted by the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC). Merton Council had previously approved the application on 26th October.

Merton and Wandsworth Councils both now have to write separately to the GLA so that the GLA can then review AELTC’s plans. Wandsworth tell us they will be doing this in December or January - it takes a while as they have to include all papers and submissions.

Once both notifications have been submitted, the GLA has 14 days to decide what to do next.

We believe that the GLA has two options:

1. reject the application

2. declare itself the planning authority and consider the application

The Mayor has recused himself, so his Deputy Jules Pipe or another deputy will take the decision.

Please now tell the GLA that you object to the AELTC planning application and ask them to reject the application.

Using the GLA website to submit your objection is easy and ensures that all the relevant information is provided and validated. This makes it easy for GLA to count your objection.

1.1) Go direct to the planning application 21/P2900 using this link:


go to and enter the planning reference "21/P2900" in the "search" box and press enter to locate the AELTC application which will be shown as "Wimbledon Park Golf Club";

Click on "Wimbledon Park Golf Club" to select this application,

1.2) Scroll down and click on "LEAVE A COMMENT". The comments form shown below will be displayed.

1.3) Tick "object" (the default is support!);

1.4) Select multiple options from the list of "material considerations" (in this case nearly all could apply except the "housing" ones);

1.5) Enter your comments (*note 2 - see a list of suggested comments to raise at the end of this post);

1.6) Click on "SUBMIT COMMENT";

1.7) When you "submit" the form an email will be sent to you with a link to confirm your email address. Please make sure that you click on the link in the email, or your objection will not be counted.

(*1) GLA Planning Website Submit Comments Form:

GLA planning website comments form

2. Email

Email Jules Pipe, copying in our GLA representative Leonie Cooper

Please include the "planning reference 21/P2900" in the email title. In the email body include your name, postal address, the relevant "material considerations" (see image of the comments form above *1) and your comments (*2 see below some suggested issues to raise, but please use your own words).

(*2) Suggested issues to raise

If you need some inspiration for your comments, below is an image containing some of the issues you might want to raise.

Please also see more information on the SWP website home page - the section titled "Planning Applications".

NB please do not cut-and-paste from our text, or you risk your views being grouped into 1 single objection with other similar ones. We suggest you select a maximum of three issues and use your own words.

Possible reasons to ask the GLA to refuse the AELTC application

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