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Urban Greening in Wimbledon Park - A Further Objection to the AELTC Planning Application

We are extremely lucky to have Dr. Dave Dawson among us, with his wealth of expertise and long-standing interest in Wimbledon Park.

Bio-Diversity and Urban Greening are key elements of this proposed development. The applicant has grossly overstated its case. On any basis there is bound to be a net deficiency. Dr Dawson has demonstrated that this is substantial, fails to meet London Plan requirements and so the application should be rejected.

The applicant has made at least two attempts to get this right, on each occasion reducing the score so increasing the deficit. Merton planning department sent us the most recent further attempt (which responded to Dr Dawson’s paper of 20 months ago) and invited comments within 15 days. With grateful thanks to Dr Dawson, we have again achieved the deadline, and I am pleased to attach the further objection.

Urban Greening in Wimbledon Park - a further objection to AELTC planning application
2023-10-10 Urban Greening in Wimbledon Park
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