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Wimbledon plans are damaging to local area – they must change. The Times 29 March 2024

"Objections to the proposed expansion are not a result of ‘local introspection’, as Lord Coe claims, but sincerely held concerns about its scale and effects - Stephen Hammond, MP for Wimbledon.

On February 7 The Times published an article from Lord Coe on the proposed expansion of the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC). Lord Coe is one of this country’s greatest athletes, a respected politician and delivered the standout Olympics of the modern era. Wimbledon was aghast when this outstanding man wrote an article accusing local people of nimbyism because they had dared to object to a planning application that is too large in size and scale, threatens local biodiversity, delivers meagre benefits to the local community and breaks a promise made by the AELTC." Read more...


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