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Save Wimbledon Park Response to the Merton Planning Meeting

This press release is the Save Wimbledon Park response to the Merton planning meeting held on 26 October 2023:

SWP Demonstration outside Merton Civic Centre for planning committee 26 October 2023

Iain Simpson, Chair Wimbledon Park Residents' Association, said, "We are not at all surprised by the outcome of the vote. Most of the inconsistencies in the report were glossed over. Merton did not even bring their own experts into the hearing, and instead relied on the applicant to advise the councillors who were asking the questions! In addition their pronouncements on the environment still ignored their own expert advice where it didn’t suit them!"

"On all that was said about the stadium and the buildings, these are still in outline - and outline designs on protected land contravene their own planning regulations. They therefore cannot be discussed in any meaningful way. This is just a stage in what will be a long process for which Save Wimbledon Park is well prepared."


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