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Print your own T-shirt / Merchandise: Save Wimbledon Park !

We have been asked about our the lovely "Save Wimbledon Park" T-shirts that people have seen us out and about in.

Please feel free to get your own T-shirts or other merchandise printed using this PDF file (download link below or click on the picture) to send to the printers:

SWP T-shirt design 2023-04-03(1)
Download PDF • 75KB

Save Wimbledon Park T-shirt design

Plain white cotton T-shirts or sweatshirts work well.

We find that printing on both the front and back gives double the impact.

People can use their phone camera to scan the QR code and go straight to the petition via our website.

There are several local printers that can print these for you (some can even use your own plain cotton T-shirts) and many online services / websites That print T-shirts and other merchandise.


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