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Map (updated 19/6/23) illustrating the AELTC Plans to Build on Wimbledon Park

Neil Thomson, a Landscape Architect, has illustrated this map of the AELTC (Wimbledon Tennis) Wimbledon Park Project planning application to build extensively on Wimbledon Park (on what used to be the golf course), including new buildings, paths, roads, entrance plazas and drainage features.

AELTC Wimbledon Park Project MAP Illustration
AELTC Wimbledon Park Project - Map Illustrating the Proposed Development

On Capability Brown’s Grade II* historic and highly protected Metropolitan Open Land they plan an 8,000-seat stadium, 38 courts, 10 other buildings and 9kms of roads and paths. They propose a new AELTC private park to which the public may be admitted but which would contain a 30,000sqft maintenance building.

See the website home page and background information.


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