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CPRE London / Save Wimbledon Park Webinar Video Recordings 2 November 2022

CPRE London and Save Wimbledon Park held an online webinar on 2nd November 2022, featuring Andy Hamilton (comedy writer and local resident), Thelma Ruby (97 year old actress and local resident), Stephen Hammond MP and Fleur Anderson MP, in addition to a number of local expert speakers on the environment, legal points (the 1993 covenants) and promised previously made by AELTC and Merton Council.

You can see below either: A) short highlights of the meeting; and/or B) short video clips from each of the presenters and/or C) the full Zoom meeting (edited) below:

A) Edited Highlights of the ZoomMeeting (11:17 minutes):

B) Short Video Clips of Each Presenter on the Zoom Meeting:

B.1) Video Clip 1 - Introduction from Alice Roberts, CPRE London Campaign Director (10:22)

B.2) Video Clip 2 - Stephen Hammond MP for Wimbledon - prerecorded message (1:38)

B.3) Video Clip 3 - Dr.David Dawson, Environmental Scientist, Amateur Historian and Local Resident (7:49)

B.4) Video Clip 4 - Anneke de Boer Answering Question on Soil and Lorry Movements (2:00)

B.5) Video Clip 5 - Fleur Anderson MP for Putney and Wandsworth - prerecorded message (0:35)

B.6) Video Clip 6 - Christopher Coombe on the Protected Status of the Wimbledon Park Lands and the 1993 Covenants (5:16)

B.7) Video Clip 7 - Iain Simpson (Chair of Wimbledon Park Residents' Association) on the Controversial Sale of the Freehold by Merton Council to AELTC in 1993 and the Promises Made Never to Build on the Golf Course (6:22)

B.8) Video Clip 8 - Andy Hamilton (Comedy Writer and Local Resident) Live on Zoom (3:22)

C) Full Recording (edited) of the CPRE London Save Wimbledon Park webinar (51:25)


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